Our custom maps can be perfect for more than just weddings…one example being as a housewarming gift for any friends or relatives! Here are three maps that we have done to commemorate these couples’ new homes.

The new home maps are special because they are completely devoted to the couple’s likes and interests. This map of Ventura was sent last year with the couple’s Christmas cards a few months after the wedding to announce their new address.

This Fresno, CA map features the gym the couple frequents together, the local movie theater, both places of employment, favorite restaurants and hot spots, hometowns and, of course, their first home together.

This lovely Los Angeles, CA map includes the location of this couple’s first “I Love You” which happened to be the exact spot where he proposed! It also includes arrows pointing to her hometown in Buffalo, NY as well as places they’ve visited together such as San Diego and San Francisco.

The personalization of new home maps is heartfelt and sure to create a piece that any couple (or single!) will treasure in their new home.