{Calligraphy in Baby Script}

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much to my readers. I didn’t plan it this way but it happens to be the 2 month “anniversary” of my blog, A Lucky Orchid Wedding. I wanted to thank every one of you so much for visiting and for sending your comments, whether on the blog or personally via email. I am so flattered everyday when I read your kind words and I truly feel that starting this blog has done wonders for me as a business woman. It really opens the door to get personal with you gals {and grooms if you are reading} and it opens the door for direct dialogue that 5 years of maintaining a company website never did. In 2 very short months I have already made many new friends and gained much more wisdom.

I wanted to again say thanks to all of you who have added A Lucky Orchid Wedding to your blogrolls, and please email me so I can return the favor! And to all of you who have written about me on your own blogs or told your friends and event coordinators about my blog, I am truly thankful to have you all as readers.

To all the wedding professionals, please feel welcome to send me photos of your events and your work! A Lucky Orchid Wedding is more than a calligraphy blog, its about modern and chic wedding style. I would absolutely love nothing more than to showcase your fabulous talents here. I look forward to many more months of blogging and hearing from you all!

Very warmly, Laura Hooper