We recently received the photographs from my sister’s amazingly beautiful wedding (can’t wait to share the details on that in the future!), and we found the sequence documented during the bouquet/garter toss portion of the evening to be quite amusing.My sister and her now husband originally were not going to include this tradition in their wedding as they wanted to keep everything feeling like a fun dinner party and not too “productiony”. However, when my sister informed some of her friends of this they pleaded with her as they simply had to have the bouquet toss! The happy couple decided they didn’t care too much one way or the other and figured it would be a fun addition if nothing else – and boy are we glad they decided to include it! The following documention showcases the difference between the men and ladies present:The Ladies

The Guys

As you can see, the ladies were way more interested in the implications behind catching the bouquet and garter (that you will be the next to wed)! In fact, the lucky gentlemen only ended up with the garter when it coincidentally landed on his foot and he had no choice but to pick it up! Now this scenario of course does not apply to everyone, but it definitely was funny watching it unfold at this particular wedding. It ended up working out beautifully because the two lucky “winners” actually are a happy couple and here they are with the bride and groom!

An important message to take away from this post, though, is that your wedding is your own special day and you should definitely include what’s important to you and don’t be afraid to not include something that isn’t your style or doesn’t fit the mood you are looking for at your most memorable day.Photography by Steve Steinhardt.