This wonderful bifold map includes information for the fabulous wedding weekend, a personal note from the couple, and a couple of quotes to really set the mood for the wedding! It was given to the guest upon arrival at this destination affair.

Being the outside of the bifold map, the right panel here is the first thing the guests see. It is a welcome from the couple displaying the location of the destination wedding and quote from a popular Van Morrison song. It really lets the guests know that these are memorable days, that they will cherish for time to come.Inside, the guests are presented with this colorful map that highlights the important locations for the weekend’s festivities and other popular Grecian icons such as the boats on the water, the flag and beaches.

It is very popular for destination weddings to feature multiple events to enhance the “vacation” that the guests have taken to be there for the wedding. This wedding weekend did just that, and the back of the bifold lists out the various activities provided for the guests including a welcome reception, a rehearsal outing to a nearby isalnd, and of course the wedding itself.A map such as this is an excellent way to welcome your guests to your destination fete!