On April 17, 2011 postage rates will increase for some denominations – not including the standard one ounce $0.44 stamp! The new USPS postage rates will be:Postcard – $0.29 (currently $0.28)1st Class, 2oz. – $0.64 – currently $0.61 used for most wedding invitations!1st Class, 1oz. Odd Size – $0.84 1st Class, 3oz. – $0.84 (currently $0.78)1st Class, 3.5oz. – $1.05 (currently $0.95)1st Class, 4oz. – $1.48Priority, Flat Rate Envelope – $4.95

If your wedding invitation is going out in the mail after April 17, 2011, be sure you have accounted for these increased postage prices or you may find your invitations back at your door! The best thing to do is always to take a completed invitation to the post office for weighing ~ just be sure to request the post-April 17 rates!For more information and size limits, please visit the USPS first-class mail pricing page.Top photo courtesy of Zazzle.