We would like to remind everyone that the postage rates are increasing from 42¢ to 44¢ on May 11th. This is very important to anyone expecting their reply cards to be returned around that time. The new stamps won’t be available for sale until May 1st, so the best solution to avoiding any problems is to use the Forever Stamp, which costs 42¢ right now but will be valid “forever” – and definitely will work when your guests drop their RSVPs in the mail!

If you’ve already purchased your custom stamps, another option is to include a two-cent stamp, but this can be cumbersome on the tiny envelopes that often hold your RSVPs.It’s also a good idea to weigh any invitations going out in the next couple of months to make sure you get accurate postage so that all of your guests receive them in a timely manner.See the USPS website for full details on the price changes.