When you are practicing your calligraphy, there are so many things that you have to think about while you are writing.

How do I form the letters? When do I press the nib down harder? Is my ink too thin? Is my paper going to hold the ink well?

There is a lot to keep in mind and using the correct tools that work well together is going to give you a better experience all around, and you will be able to improve more quickly.

If you are not using complementary tools, you may end up with a frustrating result. For instance, using everyday printer paper is not going to give you the look that you would get if you are writing on calligraphy quality paper.

All of the paper in our shop is calligraphy quality and is specifically curated to work with all of the inks and penholders offered in our shop. We want to help take out the guesswork of trying to create the right combination of the ink + paper and provide you with the nibs I, and many others, use regularly, so you can focus on what really matters, your writing!

In our YouTube video, I demonstrate the difference you will see between writing on calligraphy quality paper vs. everyday printer paper. I’m also sharing some insight on using thin and thick inks and the effects they have on different types of paper.