One of our goals here at Laura Hooper Calligraphy is making the art of pointed-pen accessible to a wider audience while also helping those active with calligraphy accelerate in their skill development. Calligraphy as a whole can take a lot of trial and error, but we’ve condensed multiple phases into comprehensive, easier-to-tackle content. As we’ve been teaching since late 2013, we’ve developed over a dozen different courses, so we wanted to take a minute here to explain the courses, who they are best for, and what you’ll learn.

Starter Kit + Video Tutorial
• I’m brand new to calligraphy and have never held a calligraphy pen.
• I’ve dabbled on my own but haven’t really been able to get the tools I’ve collected to work.
• I have a basic understanding of the tools but sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t and I’m not sure why. Plus I don’t really know how to put together an alphabet.

Our starter kit + video tutorial is specifically curated with tools that we know will work well together for beginners, plus it includes both written and video instruction on how to correctly use them to achieve the thick and thin lines that are characteristic of pointed-pen calligraphy. We cover the tools and how they work, how to correctly hold the pen, basic up and down strokes, and simple practice drills to get started. Then we dive into a full beginner alphabet, upper and lower case. It is a comprehensive introduction to the art of pointed-pen and directly follows the curriculum of one of our in-person workshops including the tidbits of conversational information that we discuss during our classes. As will all of our paid courses, you receive indefinite access to the video tutorial to watch as many times as you would like, whenever is convenient for you.

Beyond Beginner Guide + Video Tutorial
• I’ve taken a beginner calligraphy course, but need to develop my letter consistency.
• I think my letters are looking good, but I can’t quite figure out all of these different letter connections – some just look off, but I’m not sure why.
• I know how to use the tools and draw the letters, but it’s not looking like a cohesive, beautiful alphabet when I write. It just looks like thick and thin lines shakily connected to one another.

Our beyond beginner guide is the direct continuation of our beginner calligraphy course. You can start working through it as soon as you have learned how to use the tools of pointed-pen and in fact we recommend using it as you work your way through learning the alphabet, so in conjunction with your starter kit. If your goal is to develop a cohesive alphabet and beautifully connected letters (i.e. words that look aesthetically pleasing on your envelopes!), this course is for you. 

Calligraphy Practice Plan 1.0 & 2.0
• I have tools that work well together and I know how to use them, but I don’t seem to be getting any better.
• I keep writing envelopes but don’t seem to be improving – my writing still looks “beginner” level.

The key to success with pointed pen calligraphy is repetitive drill practice. We so frequently see beginners jump straight into writing words/addressing envelopes, and then wonder why they aren’t improving. This repetitive process of doing the same shapes over and over, will help you develop the muscle memory in your hands that is needed to accelerate your skill in this art. You’ll gain the pen control needed to take you from choppy and shaky to smooth and elegant calligraphy. The first iteration of the course was such a success that we developed a second version with more complex topics. Here’s a brief breakdown of what is covered in each course, and you can find full details here. There are no physical materials included with this course – you receive access to a PDF download to print 100+ pages of traceable drill sheets (240+ if you purchase both levels).You can purchase each course individually or buy both at once for added savings. As with the rest of our online courses, you receive indefinite access to the course. 

Enveloping Addressing & Formatting
I need help with addressing envelopes – centering, layout, general improvement with this specific skill set.

This 50-minute video walks you through seven styles of envelope addressing formats with zip code & decorative additions – with worksheets to practice spacing and centering. The course covers setting up your workspace to minimize errors and work as efficiently as possible, as well as working with clients in regards to obtaining a mailing list and how to format it for your use. We discuss common Post Office myths along with tips for mailing envelopes and what to expect from that process. With over 18 years of experience addressing wedding envelopes, you’ll be in good hands to garner a foundation in this skill.

Laura’s Favorite Script Styles: à la carte
• I’m confident in my calligraphy skills and would like to learn new alphabet styles either for fun or to offer a wider range to potential clients.

We offer over a dozen different script styles, ranging from modern to more traditional, as alphabet exemplars. Each script includes a PDF exemplar both on and off gridlines as well as traceable sheets for every letter, upper and lower case, as well as numbers plus professional video footage of Laura personally demonstrating each letter up close.

Specific Topic Courses
• I’m looking for a course geared towards a specific topic – do you have a course for what I’m looking to learn?

These courses cover a specific topic & if you’re looking to learn any of these skills, one of these courses might be for you. Some calligraphy related, and some not – these are geared towards fellow creatives who love to learn new skills!
Flourishing Foundations
The Cursive Course (this is not pointed-pen!)
How to Write in a Straight Line
How to Create Oversized Wood Signage
Acrylic Abstract Painting

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of the courses we offer at Laura Hooper Calligraphy! If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or leave a comment below.