I simply adore the creativity and details in this custom invitation suite. The wedding took place at the One & Only Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, and we incorporated the major colors of the couple’s palette ~ aqua blue, rich orange, gold, and brown. The result was fabulous!

We created a fantastic postcard highlighting each event so guests could respond to each one individually as well as write a handwritten note to the bride and groom when they replied. Instructions for this were provided in English and translated to Spanish as well.

We used a beautiful osmose paper that resembles wood for the Beach BBQ card and the Welcome Fiesta on the beach and created a custom oversized pocketfold (to hold all the pieces) imprinted with a gorgeous tile design that is seen throughout the resort in a neutral ivory shade.

Allcards were printed on 100% cotton paper. The invite card itself was orange and metallic gold letterpress, and the rest of the cards were letterpressed as well.

The invitation and all the cards went into the pocketfolder which was then inserted into a beautiful organic envelope tied shut with twine a luggage tag style name tag for each guest (instead of an inner envelope). The entire set was mailed in an organic kraft envelope (letterpress printed, of course!) sealed with an antique gold wax stamp that was custom ordered by the bride.

The bride also created her own monogram to match the set and affixed it to the front of the pocket folder. The weather forecast was provided on an additional card, 80 degrees and sunny every day!!

The bride even ordered four custom stamps from Zazzle.com to accompany the set!

Custom luggage tags like those on the invitation were also used as favor tags at the reception itself. We also did placecards for each event on sand dollars and spanish tiles that the bride and her brother painted over the span of several months leading up to the wedding so they, too, would match the invites!

We couldn’t have been happier with the results of this suite, and we know the bride and groom loved it too!Calligraphy style is Elegance script. All photography by Victor Sizemore.


This tablecloth was used at the rehearsal dinner and was the inspiration for the Beach BBQ Card!

Sanddollars were hand painted with the names of each guest and used as placecards at each seat.