I just had to post this darling map I did last summer for a bride getting married at the light house at Sandy Hook, New Jersey. The map is written in the casual freehand script and is colored so beautifully that I had extras printed for myself to keep on hand as samples. I love this map. Over Christmas break we visited New Jersey and since I’d done the map I insisted we drive up to this gorgeous stretch of land between the Atlantic and mainland New Jersey. It is quite an interesting place for a wedding. It is the home of the oldest working lighthouse in the US but also to a military armory and barracks. It is surrounded on three sides by water and you can see New York off in the distance, it’s long grass and sand dunes at sunset make for gorgeous photos and picturesque memories. As you can see we had a great time, though it was cold in December!

{What a gorgeous sunset}

{Oh George, when are you not goofing around?}

{Here I am with NYC sparkling in the distance}