I recently did a contest with Southern Weddings and this couple that won wanted to include three different states as well as DC. We were able to come up with this “all-inclusive” map, and the bride loved it:”I wanted the first thing our guests would see about our wedding weekend to be reflective of Dan and me. We live in Maryland, but are getting married in Virginia. I grew up in Tennessee. That’s why we included all three states (and Washington, DC, where I lived and worked when Dan and I met) on the map, along with our hometowns, the cities where we went to college and the places where we’ve shared fun dates, like Dollywood and Larriland Farms. I am sure that was a daunting request, but you more than surpassed expectation! We were engaged in Columbia, MD, where we now live, and our dog Chloe played a role in that, so we love that you were able to add her into all the amazing details that capture Maryland. What is most amazing, however, are the illustrations of our wedding and reception location in Virginia’s Wine and Hunt Country. I only hope our wedding day looks as whimsical and charming in real life as it does highlighted on the map.” –Patra S.

The map was not drawn to scale (most of my maps are not) and was used on totes and an enlarged print for the happy couple. We love knowing that our work can enhance the biggest day of a couple’s life, and we look forward to continuing to map your wedding destinations!