{Cezanne Script}I’m new to blogging so I didn’t have any idea what it mean when a reader, Nikki, tagged me yesterday. Happy birthday by the way and congrats on being engaged! I clicked on her blog and saw the rules: Link to the person who tagged you {check}. Post the rules on your blog {check}. Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.Since this is a calligraphy blog, I will be happy to share 7 responses based on me with regard to calligraphy and Laura Hooper Calligraphy/Lucky Orchid Wedding:1. I learned calligraphy when I was 12. My first alphabet was italic….2. When I was 13 I got an after-school job personalizing pictures for a company called “Cowboy Chuck.” It was the same company as the mall kiosks several years back, however the pictures were different, I would write names in calligraphy in a little red box on the bottom of each. I did that until I was about 16 and I was the only one in Jr. High with a “job.” It was also my first experience running a small business. The owner of the shop was not often around and I was left in charge. {I was a very responsible teenager}. I loved it!3. My dad inspired me to start my own business. He also runs a small business, and he said when I was young that I should take something I love and turn it into a career, so I would always love what I do. You’re right dad, you are smarter than I think ;)4. Laura Hooper Calligraphy was formed after by best friend Ariana got married. After that I was referred to several brides and it snow balled into what it is today.5. I chose Lucky Orchid Wedding as the blog name because orchids are my favorite flower. Plus I consider myself to be extremely lucky to be doing what I do on a daily basis. When I worked for a mortgage company, all I wanted to do was quit and go work at a flower shop doing something beautiful. This is even better. I am not meant to sit in a cube all day6. I’m entirely self-taught and have never taken a class in calligraphy. When I started out as a 12 year old I was using broad tipped cartridge pens from Speedball. I recommend those to aspiring calligraphers. I now use a pointed pen with an oblique nib to do all my lettering in the finest inks and gouache paints. {I threw that in because Alison asked the other day} I doubt I would be a good teacher because I make up rules as I go and most of the classic styles I do {i.e. Copperplate and Bickham} I have altered in some way. Some styles I’ve made up on my own, like Rosen and Massy.7. I often have trouble sleeping which is why most of the posts are done early in the morning if you see the time stamp.So there you have it. 7 random facts. Unfortunately, I am not going to tag anyone else since to me this is like the blog version of a chain letter and I don’t want to upset anyone. I hope everyone understands!