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Light & Airy: Alphabet Script Tutorial + Worksheet Downloads Pt. 1
To celebrate reaching our 100 patron goal, here is part 1 of the Light & Airy script tutorial! For the next few months, we will be sharing close-up video of me demonstrating each letter group and including traceable worksheets until we complete the alphabet.

Quick Tips on Number Sizing
When addressing envelopes, or any calligraphy project where numbers are involved, there seems to be some confusion on the size numbers should be in relation to your letters. Generally, you want numbers to bigger than lowercase letters and smaller than an uppercase letters. In this video, I am sharing my tips on how to achieve that sizing while keeping your numbers readable regardless of script!

Project Tutorial: White Tile Place Cards
Today I am going to share another great project tutorial using hexagon tiles as place cards! The details really make all the difference and these tile place cards are a great addition to any wedding, dinner party, or event!

We’re back at it this month with another calligraphy practice session + drill worksheet downloads! Anytime you take a break from doing calligraphy, it is important to get your hand warmed up before jumping back into any calligraphy projects or client work.