Over the past few months we have been housing our calligraphy tutorials, skill & project-based videos, and business tips exclusively on Patreon. We post new content 3-4 times a month and share all the resources needed for each project. This space allows for a more direct line of communication between us, where we can take requests for content in order to best serve our Patrons and their current calligraphy needs. Patrons even have the option to join at a level where you get monthly virtual office hours and critique submissions. Since we’ve joined we’ve helped our Patrons at this level with logo design, photo staging, envelope layouts, business advice, technique tweaks via video chat and more!

We’ve got some fun new features coming in March, but first take a peek into what we covered this month on Patreon:

Practice Session + Worksheet Downloads: February 1st, 2020
We kicked off this month with another real time practice session! Anytime you take a break from doing calligraphy, it is important to get your hand warmed up before jumping back into any calligraphy projects or client work. Included with this video are drills and practice sheets to download and print on calligraphy quality paper to practice along with me!


Technique Tip: Best Practices to Maximize Your Ink Flow
One of the most common questions I get is how am I able to write for so long without re-dipping my nib. We have talked about this in the past, but I wanted to give a little refresher on my top tips to maximize your ink flow! In this video I share exactly what I do and demonstrate the proper way to dip your nib.


Business Tips: Obtaining Client Reviews + PDF Download
We received a great question from one of our fellow Patrons on how to obtain client reviews for your work. Client reviews are a great way to share someone else’s positive experience working with you. I {Alyssa} am going to walk you through the proper way to reach out to clients and I have created an email template you can download to help get you started.


Project Tutorial: Watercolor Place Cards
In this video I am working on a set of place cards for a rehearsal dinner, but with a colorful twist! Many people don’t know that painting is one of my favorite things to do and I am always excited whenever I can combine my painting skills with my hand-lettering skills. In this project tutorial, I’ll be demonstrating how to do a watercolor wash + calligraphy on a place card order.

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