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LHC Custom Alphabet Challenge + Worksheet Downloads
This month I created an alphabet challenge where I give you one letter from a letter group & you create the other letters in the group based on its shape & characteristics. This is a really useful exercise for learning how to create different alphabet styles. We previously shared a tutorial of me doing this {it was real-life example as I frequently do this for my custom work!} & this exercise builds off of that with a challenge for you take on yourself with worksheets to guide you along.

Technique Tip: How to Properly Insert Your Flange & Nib
In this tutorial I discuss a few technique tips using my go-to writing tool, the oblique pen holder. Many pen holders have a removable flange and it can be difficult to put the flange back in place if you have accidentally removed it. I will be demonstrating how to insert the flange and also how to properly position your nib as well. I always like to go over correct nib placement because it really is crucial and can solve a lot of the problems you may run into during your calligraphy practice!

Project Tutorial: Agate Slice Place Cards
In this video, I am working on another great agate slice project! If you checked out the video we did using green agate with a gold painted rim, you know there are many different ways you can use agate for an event. In this video I am going to demonstrate how to prep and write on agate and also how to remove the writing if you make a mistake or need to make changes!

Working with clients without a studio

Business Tip: Working With Clients Without A Studio
We got a really great question from one of our Patrons about how to work with clients when you don’t have a office or studio space to meet them in. Laura actually worked from home for about the first 10 years of her career and I am going to share a few options that are available if you are also working for home and want to be able to take client meetings elsewhere.

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