Sometimes your plans change. You thought you could do without personalized, hand-written invitation envelopes, but you simply can’t – and your invites need to go out next week! Whatever your situation, sometimes things just come up last minute. Here at Laura Hooper Calligraphy, we will always do our best to attempt to accommodate you, which is why we offer “rush orders.”Rush fees: Our standard turnaround time is 2-3 weeks (this can vary up to 4-6 weeks during the high season), but we can usually offer a one week turnaround. This will run at about a 20% upcharge of your total order, or more depending on the work, and the timeframe in which you need your envelopes. For example, if you need your envelopes done overnight, over the weekend, or over a holiday, this is going to cost more — in essence, you are paying for the “overtime” of the calligrapher. This is pretty much an industry standard, though I know some people do charge more than this for the their rush fees, and I am sure some charge less. Every calligrapher and their policies are different.

Also, please know that your “rush order” itself is not actually “rushed.” Your envelopes will still have the devoted attention and care that all orders receive here at Laura Hooper Calligraphy. Instead, your order will be double-booked, or piggy-backed behind another order already in the schedule) requiring us to work outside of our standard business hours (which from 7am – 12am are already pretty non-standard!), hence the additional charge.If you do require a rush order, please inquire for a specific rate quote and turnaround time.