Our clients love when they receive their finished invitation products, but they rarely see or know about the entire process. So we were excited to receive this video from our letterpress printer showing the letterpress in action on one of our favorite invitations – the dot and loop set!

As you can see from the video, each sheet is pulled into the machine and “pressed” with the template of the invitation. People often wonder why letterpress printing is more expensive than other forms of printing and part of the answer is that each plate must be individually and intricately cut to create the impression. So for an invitation suite with multiple pieces, that can mean 3 or 4 or even more plates! Another factor is that letterpress requires thicker, and in turn more expensive, paper than flat printing.Below is the finished product of a previously printed letterpress invitation of the same style!

For more information on this and other invitation sets, please visit our Etsy page.