{Photos courtesy of Ami Price at Elizabeth Anne Designs}One of my contacts at Elizabeth Anne Designs recently renewed her wedding vows and had the sweetest idea to celebrate with her husband and their friends and family – a time capsule guest book. Each guest was given a folder in which they had materials to write down their 2009 resolutions, favorite memories of the couple, predictions for the next 10 years and their favorite things today. They had also been instructed to bring a non-perishable item that represented them now. Their folders and items all went into an adorable antique chest. The happy couple completed the time capsule by putting in one of their own programs, that day’s newspaper, and other various keepsakes from the event. Maybe they will have another vow renewal down the line and dig into the time capsule.

{Calligraphy for all of Ami’s items was done by hand in Elegance script}I was happy to contribute to this special occasion for Ami. We did all of the calligraphy as well as the scrolled framework for the cards that the guests filled out.It was a tremendously successful way to share the occasion with their guests and everyone had a blast!