We often talk about “invitation suites.” Many brides, though, are new to the world of stationery, so we thought it might be beneficial to explain what exactly makes an invitation “suite.”

The first piece is of course the invitation itself, which includes of course the date, location and time of the wedding ceremony amongst other things. Visit our post on Invitation Etiquette for more details on what should go on your invitations!The invitation suite also includes the outer envelope, RSVP card and RSVP envelope. If you are offering menu options to your guests be sure to include this selection on the RSVP card and of course the RSVP date! These four pieces, invitation, outer envelope, RSVP card and RSVP envelope, make up the basic invitation suite. Today it is also common to include additional pieces such as a map and directions card and accommodations card for all of your travelling guests. You can also swap in an RSVP postcard to save paper and postage ~ going green is always in style!Once you decide how many pieces you will have in your invitation “suite,” you will then need to decide how many “sets” you need to order. When you create your invitation list, be sure that you count how many sets you will need to mail, not how many people that is ~ remember, a couple only receives one invitation. And always add more than you think you need for those last minute additions!