It’s time to whittle away your waist! Especially after the Thanksgiving holiday. This side plank will have you working your obliques, hips, arms, all while challenging your balance and building a stronger core.

Lie on your side, stack your feet on top of each other. Place your elbow under your shoulder and press into the elbow making sure to lift up and out of your shoulder. (no sinking).Your body should be in a long diagonal line. Also make sure your booty isn’t sticking out behind you, think of drawing your tail bone down toward your heels.Lower your hips down about 3-5 inches, but stay hovering over the mat. (don’t touch the ground).Use your waist & the power of your hips/torso to press back into the diagonal line.Perform this 25 times on the right and then do the left side. Once you get stonger, increase your reps up to 40. Your waist will thank you 🙂