Tips to get through the Holiday Season!

The holidays can be a hard time to follow your clean eating rules. There are so many temptations with all the family gatherings and company Christmas parties. But you can still end 2010 being fit and healthy without derailing all the hard work you put in throughout the year.

Here are some tips to help you through:

1. Before you pop that next sugar cookie in you mouth – stop and think, “would I eat this on a ‘normal’ day?” or “am I hungry or am I just eating cause I’m bored or just because it’s there?”
2. Fill up on fruits and veggies first and then eat all the other stuff in small portions. Just a taste of that potato salad will satisfy the craving while allowing you to eat it and enjoy it, but not go overboard.
3. Pass on the Egg Nog! Drink LOTS of WATER! It will help fill you up and keep you hydrated throughout the day. You may not even be hungry when you think you are – being thirsty can disguise itself as hunger.
4. Get in a cardio workout. Take a brisk walk, go for a jog, dance around the living room to your favorite tunes. Getting your blood pumping will keep your body (and your mind) tuned in to your fitness routine and keep you on track to feeling great.
5. Enjoy and savor this time with family and friends. It is what the Holidays are all about!

And remember – don’t beat yourself up if you happen to slip up here and there. Your body is smarter than we give it credit for. If you overdo it- your body will naturally not be as hungry the next day in order to regulate correctly (if you are in tune enough to listen!).

Happy Holidays!

~White House Pilates