Got sore muscles from your new exercise plan? Roll it out!

 Rolling out the lactic acid build up in your sore muscles will help:

  • Target all your sore points; release your trigger points
  • Increase range of motion
  • Decrease soreness and pains
  • Increase training efficiency
  • Fix postural problems
  • Recover faster

Roll out sore quad (thigh) muscles, outer hips and thighs, glutes, and upper and lower back. Ahh…

Here are some tips for foam rolling:

  • Concentrate on sore and tight areas, quadriceps, outer thighs, glutes, upper and lower back.
  • Roll out the full length of the muscle, go slow and you will feel it loosen more each time.
  • Breathe! Exhaling will help send oxygen to the tight muscles.
  • Go slowly, it will hurt more, but you will get more benefit.
  • Stop on the sore points (trigger points) and hold until the pain fades.
  • Pre workout focus on getting through the full length of the muscle, spend less time on each.
  • Post workout, focus on the trigger point aspect and spend a lot of time on each muscle.
  • Try not to roll over joints, you’ll notice when your body doesn’t like it.