A core strengthening, abdominal endurance exercise that you can do right now!This isometric exercise will challenge your abdominals in a much more effective way and help complement your regular abdominal exercises.

Hold each position for at least 5 breaths. For each breath inhale through the nose and fill the rib cage three-dimensionally, exhale through the mouth and pull the navel to the spine deeper.

1. Lie on the floor with knees bent and your feet firmly planted. Hold behind your things and curl yourself up as high as you can while pulling your navel to your spine. Relax your neck and shoulders and think about only your abdominals working to keep you in this position.

2. Maintain that position while you let go of your thighs and reach your hands over your knee caps. Don’t let your upper body fall to the floor, stay up high using your abdominal strength.

3. Send your finger tips up to the ceiling with straight arms. This will challenge your upper abdominals.

4. Open your arms out to the side keeping your arms off the floor and the rest of your body is still in the position from the beginning.

Repeat this series at least 3 times. Incorporate this endurance exercise into your regular abdominal routine at least once a week. The following week, increase the length of time you hold each position.