So you are trying to be on your very best eating behavior to fit into that gorgeous wedding dress. I get it! But we all crave something sweet every now and then after our meal. Here is a great idea for a little dessert that will be a hit with you and your honey, and best of all it’s guilt free!“If you deprive yourself of all the things you crave, you will eventually splurge and be worse off than if you had just given in for a small taste here and there.”

(Via theAbsDiet)Yep, it’s still a diet. The ice cream gives you calcium and protein with only a modest amount of fat and refined sugar. Indulge and enjoy!1/2 cup reduced-fat chocolate or vanilla ice cream1/4 cup berries of your choice, slightly crushed1 tablespoon chopped nuts of your choiceStarting with the ice cream, layer the ingredients in a small bowl.Makes 1 serving, Double the recipe for your sweetie!Need a few ideas to curb that sweet tooth during the day? Try these little ideas that won’t throw you off the healthy eating track. Everything in moderation!1 chocolate pudding cup3 mini York Peppermint Patties3 bite-size Snickers ½ cup reduced-fat ice cream